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What's the license for RoughDraft?

RoughDraft is freeware.

Didn't it used to be Donationware?

Yes, but given the limited amount of time I can spend on RoughDraft these days, I didn't think it was fair to keep asking for donations. Having said that, I can already see that there's going to be a version 3.1.

Those who did donate have made a big difference - the new spellchecker and print system are a direct result of your contribution. Thanks!

What about a Mac or Linux version of RoughDraft?

There are no plans for a Mac or Linux version. And yes, I've tried running it on Wine - no luck at all!

Can I insert page breaks in RoughDraft?

Unfortunately not. I've wrestled with this night and day but never found a way to do it. If you need chapters or sections that start with a fresh page you can do it by writing them as separate files, then using the "File > Print multiple files" menu item.

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