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This is my Home Page. Here you can find details of the fiction and articles I have written, a complete bibliography, plus details of my word processor for creative writers - RoughDraft - and other sundry bits and bobs about me.

Enjoy, and use the e-mail button if you have any suggestions.


4 April 2005 "It's alive!" RoughDraft 3.0 is finally here. Many thanks to all those who helped out with the beta testing.
21 March 2005 I now have enough beta testers for RoughDraft - thanks to all who applied and sorry if you just missed the boat!
14 March 2005 RoughDraft 3.0 is ready for beta testing. If you'd like to help out, please e-mail me.
8 June 2004 RoughDraft is 4 years old today! In answer to the inevitable question - yes, I am still working on RD 3.0 and no, I don't know when it will be released. New features will include vastly improved spellchecking and printing, find in multiple files, instant backup to any device, plus a host of tweaks and bug fixes.
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